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Dr. H.A. Romijn (Henny)

School of Innovation Sciences
Department of Industrial Engineering &
   Innovation Sciences
IPO building, room 2.17
Eindhoven University of Technology
PO Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
The Netherlands

tel.: +31 40 247 4754
E-mail: H.A.Romijn@tue.nl


Associate Professor, Technology & International Development.

Main research interests: the role played by technological innovation in poverty alleviation and fostering sustainable development in developing countries, and the trade-offs that are often produced between social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability outcomes. These issues are studied from an evolutionary innovation perspective, using socio-technical transitions frameworks and learning-based approaches to project management in a development context. Henny takes a special interest in determinants of "success" & "failure" of  bio-energy projects.

Latest work: the emergence of  the Jatropha biofuel sector in Tanzania; the drivers of the recent hype cycle, problematic social, economic and environmental outcomes deriving from this, and possible lessons for next-generation biofuels.

Earlier research: determinants of innovativeness and acquisition of technological capability  in small firms; innovation and technological learning in regional clusters; impacts of foreign direct investment on industrial restructuring and competitiveness in developing countries.

Teaching: MSc "Innovation Sciences"; inter-departmental MSc "Sustainable Energy Technology"; BSc Major programme in Technology & Sustainability.

Current/recent courses taught: Energy & Economy; Development Theory, Strategy & Policy; Technology & Globalisation; Economic Feasibility Studies; Sustainable Development in a Global Perspective; Management of Technical Development Projects. Some of these courses form part of the university-wide Certificate Programme in Technology, Development and Globalisation.

Institutional affiliation history: Before joining Eindhoven University, Henny worked for different well-known development institutions, including Queen Elizabeth House (University of Oxford), the Institute of Social Studies (The Hague), the Development Research Institute  of Tilburg University, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and the International Labour Organisation. She worked on several enterprise support programmes in East Africa and South Asia.


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